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Most of us live in cities which are dependent upon certain Infrastructures without which life would be a greater daily challenge—those facilitators of basic living such as local, meaningful and well-paying employment opportunities

Science & Technology

The topic of Science, Technology, and Innovation—which entails understanding the potential of scientific discoveries, the positive and negative effects of our growing dependence upon certain technologies

Climate Change

The issues of Climate & Environmental Change—which entail being aware of the effects of climate change upon our globe and our local environments and undertaking the actions necessary to safeguard our planet and mitigate the effects


The issue of Inequality—that all humans are created equal and should be treated as such, yet our globe is replete with examples of current and growing inequality at all levels and we often find an attempt by some to maintain that inequality

Quality of Life

We all want an increasingly better Quality of Life for ourselves and our children, but we don’t always keep tabs on what the constituent parts of that betterment might be.

Best Practices

Best Practices—In our endeavors, we should all be aware that there are things occurring around us every day that make us wonder, and sharing that wonder should be everyone’s business.