Saturday, June 22, 2024

Franconia District, VA News

Share Box

Today, while on a Sunday walk in the park my wife and I encountered a “Share Box” on a park bench located inside a gazebo. We had never seen a share box before. So, my wife and I opened the so-named wooden cigar box to find it contained cash, a cigarette, a few face masks, a container of hand sanitizer, and a piece of paper for contributors to leave their names.

The inside of the box was marked with a black marker and it said “These are tough times. Take what you need. Leave what you can share.”

My wife and I contributed cash but did not leave our names, preferring to remain anonymous donors.

To the person who thoughfully started the ball rolling, thank you and congratulations, may your kindness be doubly rewarded. First, the reward of hopefully helping someone who can use some of the contents. Second, the knowledge that you have helped prod the rest of us to think, outside the box and do more for our brethen when we can.

God bless!